Jeet Academy KL (JAKL) is an institute which promotes an active and responsible lifestyle through Self Defense, functional fitness and martial arts, with the mission of teaching whoever wants to learn, no matter his background, gender or age, by providing to the student the tools to face violence and adversity, and by helping him become the best version of himself/herself.

We push our students to explore their inner strengths, to unleash their true potential, and to know their limits, in order to ultimately express themselves.

We prepare our students to be more comfortable in the uncomfortable.

The Academy conducts Private classes, Group classes and Corporate Workshops





We do consider that simplicity is the key of perfection, and while in a stressful situation, like an aggression, only simple, spontaneous and explosive reactions may save your life, by rapidly neutralizing the aggressor, once you have failed to avoid the physical confrontation. Our method is simple, easy-to-learn and efficient. We guarantee results to the regular student.  Krav Maga - translated "Close Combat" in Hebrew - constitutes the core of our teaching. It is the most efficient  and popular self defense system in the world, practiced by professionals and civilians, due to its simplicity and efficacy. Moreover, our method explores a huge range of practices and techniques from different other systems, resulting of years of practice, tests and teaching, as Mastro Self Defense System, Modern Arnis, Pencak Silat and many more, still practiced by the instructor.

During our Self Defense classes, we focus on the counter-aggression techniques (defense against neck chokes, weapons, ground tackle, etc..), on strikes, but also on the psychological factors of the aggressor and de-escalation techniques. We also follow a graduation system for the regular students, with a comprehensive, constantly updated and complete curriculum.

Our method is an award winning Self Defense program in Malaysia, followed by a huge crowd of loyal students.

For more specific needs, Jeet Kune Do, the method developed by Bruce Lee, will help the practitioner to work on explosive strikes and timings, while Kali will focus on the use of weapons such as knifes and sticks.

For every Adult, no matter your gender, age or background.



Our Cross-Training program is the best way to get back in shape, build up strength and stamina.

Inspired by the most modern fitness methods as CrossFit, Strongfit, and many more, it is the sum of years of training and practice, served to you in a program adapted to your need. Mixing cardio, gymnastic, weightlifting, and functional movement, including lateral and rotational patterns, this training methods is the one used by the instructors of the academy themselves for their own trainings.

The aim of our program is to build a broad, general and inclusive fitness level, supported by measurable data, while being repeatable by the student on its own, once he get some experience. The program prepares the student for any physical activity, from climbing, to martial arts practice, passing by trekking or even running.

Each exercise and movement is scalable, perfectly adapted to the beginner, as to the pro athlete, the instructor proposing systematically different variation of each exercise.

CTC is for everyone interested in weight loss, strength building and general fitness.

Cross-Training-Conditioning (CTC) is taught in Group and Private Classes at the academy which has Pull-ups bar, weight, dumbbells, Pylo Boxes, competition-standard barbells, battle rop and many more! Every CTC class is different !



Muay Thai is a discipline originated from Thailand, called "the art of eight limbs" because it is characterized by the combined use of fists, elbows, knees, and shins for the strikes. It is associated with a good physical preparation that makes it a complete fighting sport and an extraordinary workout. Your coach will teach you how to strike and how to protect yourself, respecting the codes of one of the most practiced and effective fighting sport in the world.

For everyone interested to learn how to strike, to fight or looking for an intense workout. Expect rope skipping, pad works, and even some sparrings.

The coach is a multiple times Muay Thai world Champion and a fantastic technical instructor, a real technician of Muay Thai and pro-fighter!