Event - Self Defense Seminar at Chi BSC

Sifu David Bertrand is a 37Y Belgian citizen. He is instructor in Jeet Kune Do,  Kali, and Silat  under Dan Inosanto (LOS ANGELES) and in Sanda and Wing Chun. He is learning BJJ, MMA and continue to explore his martial journey.  He is a respected martial artists, a professional fighter and an extraordinary instructor.

He will share his expertise with us, Tuesday 11th of April 2017 , at 7h30 for a 2hours  Self Defense Seminar at Chi Fitness BSC (Bangsar).

David is Psychology Lecturer at the Parnasse College in Brussels (Belgium) and the founder of one of the most respected martial institution in Belgium: The Jeet Academy, where he teaches since a decade.   David is known for his incredible technical level, and his pedagogy.  He is a martial globe trotters, travelling around the world very regularly either to meet and train with his instructors or to train at the best Mixed Martial Arts schools, from  California to Phuket.    

David is Ben's first instructor, and the " JEET ACADEMY KL "  name is a tribute to his teaching and to the influence Sifu David had on the founder martial journey.

Curious about him? Here are few video to give you an overview about his skills.