Our Team is composed of certified trainers, experts in their respective fields, with years of experience in teaching and competing. They will put all their knowledge at your disposal. 


Ben Abbes Jihad

Specialisations :
Self Defense Instructor,
Krav Maga and Jeet Kune Do Instructor

Ben is a 35-years old Belgian. He is formed as a lawyer in Brussels, and worked as a Business developer for many years in many countries. Today, he is an entrepreneur, founder of the academy.

A summer night of 2007, Ben became a victim of a violent attack in the streets of Brussels, his hometown, finding himself powerless and helpless, despite a good level of fitness. Determined to prevent such a scenario from happenning again, he started training and researching more about self defense, focusing on realistic situations, and easy-to-learn efficient techniques. Not all martial arts are adapted to the street. Luckily, Ben found an excellent mentor; today one of the world’s most renowned and started studying Jeet Kune Do and Kali with him. Ben also deepen his knowledge by studying and practicing Krav Maga -a very effective military based method and soon, passed all his grades. After years of practice and hard training, Ben received his instructor degrees in the different disciplines he studied. His journey has led him over the world, from Belgium to China, passing through Cyprus and New York. Beyond the martial aspects, his research has led him to focus on the psychological factors of violence, leading him to a very holistic approach of Self defense, and not only martial. Rich of his multi-level experiences, today, he shares his expertise, through his workshops and seminars conducted here in Malaysia and aboard, by using not only techniques and principles to prevent and de-escalate violence, but also to react when necessary to violent aggression. In the street there is only one rule: No rules!

Today, eternal student, Ben regularly practices Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Western Boxing, Crossfit and Gymnastics and keep improving his skills with Kali, Mastro Self Defense System, Pencak Silat and many more, living his Jeet Kune Do!

He proudly became the reference in Self Defense taught to civilians in the country.

"I teach people to be more comfortable in the uncomfortable. Learn controlled violence. And then make the choice of Peace. May the peace be with you" Ben

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Mikaelis Karamandis

Specialisations :
Western Boxing Instructor
Vinyasa/Ashtanga/Rocket Yoga Instructor
Functional Range Conditioning and Mobility Specialist
Former Professional Boxer
Former Muay Thai Amateur Fighter

Mika is a 30 years Belgian citizen, former professional boxer who has totally dedicated the last 4 years of his life to Yoga, in a quest to become a better human. Totally hooked by multiple practices of Yoga, having studied under the best Instructors in India, Belgium and Bali, he became a fantastic holistic yoga instructor, accumulating thousands of hours of instructor’s training in different specialties and with a deep knowledge of movement and human body. At the academy, Mika teaches Yoga, mobility, Fitness and western boxing.

While studying theater, Mika has been teaching fitness for a decade. He studied Kung Fu in China and started Sanda and Kali, under Sifu David Bertrand. He later decided to put all his energy in competitive fighting sports. After 6 years of training and competing in martial arts internationally from Brussels to Thailand, passing by Cuba and the USA (Boxing, Muay Thai and Sanda), Mika felt restricted in his physical capability, and believed that he could become a more creative and successful fighter, if he worked on creating total freedom throughout his body and specifically, at his joints. This inspired Mika to start a yoga practice, to explore many mobility trainings, and other disciplines, that have led him on his continuous quest to free his body. 700 hours of training in Yoga later, he left his competitive fighter career aside to completely focus on movement and mobility, feeling more freedom than ever with the added desire of connecting to his true-self. Extremely atheltic, Mika has this very impressive multible-background, encompassing competitive Martial arts at high level, Strenght and conditioning adapted to all, and a strong focus on mobility, flexibility. He is a very passionate, curious and charismatic instructor.

Today Mika trains everyday to increase his mobility, and practice yoga daily. He recently started acrobatic gymnastic and, after 4 years far away form the ring, decided to re-start training western Boxing, with his new body and deeper knowledge.

I teach as I would like to be taught” Mika
When there is a will, there is a way.“ English Proverb


Amir Naseri

Specialisations :
Muay Thai World Champion,
Muay Thai instructor

Amir is a 26-years old Iranian citizen, having spent the majority of his life in Malaysia. He is graduated from the Limkokwing University and he is a professional Muay Thai fighter, with a majority of his fights won by spectacular knock-out . He is our Muay Thai instructor.

During childhood, Amir was looking for a way to loose weight and decided to start Muay Thai. The "Muay Thai for fitness" early motivation become a passion, and years later, Amir started to shin in the local and international fight scene.  Following a long period of tough training and numerous competitions, he became the WMC Muay Thai World Champion since 2015 and defended his title several times, successfully, until today! Amir trains and fights for the prestigious Tiger Muay Thai (Thailand), one of the best team in the world. He is an experienced trainer and a respected coach, with a solid worldwide fan base. Not all great fighter are good teachers. But we have the chance to have a Pro-fighter who is a real technician of Muay Thai!

Today Amir still trains and fights in Muay Thai around the globe, and added lots of Yoga and Movement training in his journey.

He supervises different striking program for big institutions in Malaysia, and continue his fantastic journey in Muay Thai. After an extraordinary fight against his idol “ SaenChai (one of the best fighter of all time)“ against who he lost with honor, he recently won a new World Title with the Omnit Muay Thai organization (July 2019) ! .

"Take failures as a push factor to train harder, instead of pulling you down." Amir

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Tissie Chan

Specialisations :
Yoga Therapist and Yoga Instructor,
Fitness Expert and Instructor
Crossfit Competitor,
Lululemon Ambassador

Tissie is 31years old, half British half Malaysian Chinese Londoner. She is our Cross-training instructor, teaching fundamentals in fitness, gymnastics, and power-lifting, rich with her fantastic multiple approach of health. She is a yoga instructor and therapist too!

After studied English literature in London, Her in-depth 1000 hour yoga diploma and the Acupuncture degree in the UK College for Chinese Medicine put Tissie, herself, within the process of yoga therapy. She learnt that yoga tools are infinite in nature, and that observation and application are everything when it comes to working with the human systems - both physical, mental and emotional. The message, to her, was loud and clear: the healthier and more you thrive in your own life, the more you are able to help guide others.

Now a qualified yoga therapist and acupuncturist herself, having played sports since a young age, CrossFit had become one of her favorite sports and modes of training. She moved to KL two years ago, and found there was a demand for her approach to training, which encompassed her ability to look at the human body through both filters of yoga therapist, as well as training for improved strength and conditioning. Her methods, rich with her multiple approach tools, put her immediately on the spotlight of the KL fitness industry. She is today a Lululemon Ambassador and a very demanded trainer around the city!

Today Tissie continues her studies with the London AMN (Applied Movement Neurology) Academy, with the hope to further consolidate and integrate both a traditional and contemporary holistic approach to health and fitness. She lives “yoga”, and train daily in Crossfit , while preparing the coming competitions around South-East Asia! Last but not least, Tissie started training in Brazilian Jujitsu this year!

"On this path, no effort ever goes to waste and there is no failure" (Bhagavad Gita). Tissie.